Aurora is a young lass with long wavy blonde hair that is usually wet when seen. Looking closely there can be seen pearls and small shells intwined in her hair. Sea green eyes, accent her pale face and looking further you will find that the rest of her skin is pale as well. She wears an oversized white button up shirt most times with a blue full skirt. No shoes are ever found on her feet. Aurora's fingers have webbing between them as do her toes.

In the fae sense, and even mortal at times, Aurora is seen as a mermaid. Presently the only one known to be in Seattle or ever seen. Of course, she is mainly found at the beaches along the shore. Mostly being found out at Alki Beach. Aurora is mated to Lonestar and has one son, Ambrose. Why is she here alone for the most part? If you ask her, she may tell you.