A hero of the Great War of New York, Raistlyn Brooks led members of his household and others on a successful campaign against the Shadow Denizens assaulting the freeholds of the nobility and commoners in the County of New York.

Rewarded with title, Raistlyn Brooks became the first sluagh baron of House Gwydion under High King David Ardry's rule. He founded the House of the Watchful Shadow, and quested to find his hold among the ruins of New York's Ancient Lost Holds. With the help of his wife, the Satyr Khrystyne, his oathmates Alain, a Sluagh Seer, and Urich, Pooka Chinchilla, he managed to find the hold and clear it of the evil force that had taken it during the Shattering.

His life became easy and full of love. Is abel Lee, the motherly recently chrysalised Boggan, became his closest confidant and a replacement for the abandonment of his own mother at an early age. Her help and support saw him through the trying courtship with his wife, his struggle in the structure of the nobility, and finally in guidance of his leadership abilities as baron. Khrystyne bore a son, Palin, who in later months in the Dreaming would grow to be a Satyr like his mother.

As all things do, this life of happiness came to an abrupt end. His best friend and oathmate, Urich, fell into fits of depression that he could not allieviate. Alain became more and more withdrawn, shunning even the company of other sluagh. He withdrew into his family life, unwilling and unable to help his best friends.

Shortly after Palin's Saining, the sluagh baron began having nightmares of horrible atrosities comitted in the house many years ago. He pondered many sleepless nights about the portents of such dreams, and gradually the evil he had thought banaished had gained power again.

He tracked down Alain, who had withdrawn into himself to the point of madness. it was from him he garnered a ritual of banishment Raistlyn Brooks performed this ritual late that very night, hoping to rid his family of this evil. However, at the last moment of incantation, the House struck and sucked both he, and his family into it's home: The Plane of Nightmare.

He roamed the Nightmare lands for many years and eventually found his way out, through a trod to Seattle. Near Mad, and griefstriken over the loss of his family, Raist gradually came to know that Isabel lee did indeed inhabit Seattle as well. perhaps it was she who had called him out from the plane of Darkness.

Raist gradually came to trust and love again and resumed his position as Baron under Stephanie, Countess of Seattle. Raistlyn Brooks then became Blackthorne, as he wished to start his life over again. He serves as Lord Protector of Seattle, her champion in times of need. It is rumured that he, alone, has reopened the trod and balefire behind the Coffee and More Coffee Shop.

He is prone to fits of dark depression and wild rage. He is an atypical sluagh as he wears his heart on his sleeve. Unorthadox, non-traditional, but honored in battle and fiercely loyal, he is more often to find an unfriendly sluagh or member of his house, than he is one willing to support him.

A misfit, anti-social, hardened boy turned man, he has few friends in his protectorate. Things long thought buried, elements of his past are beginning to catch up with him. He has escaped death on many occasions, awing supporters and family, and striking fear in his enemies. it is rumured that he cannot be felled by any weapon, that he has made a dark pact with Death in exchange for his soul. He is an expert swordsman, Master of Chicanery and of the Art of Wayfare, also bearer of the treasure, the Dagger of Shadows. His childhood companion, Cyren, a faeriedragon, whom he reunited with in the Dreaming, is often nearby.