Brandon Robins

Excerpt from a letter to the Countess Stephanie - from an unknown source.

....And as you requested I have done some investigation of the matter of the mortal Brandon Robins. I do not know exactly what to tell you of him, however.... He is mortal, and as far as I can tell is without the least trace of the blood. But despite this he is clearly able to see our world - at least to catch glimpses of it from time to time. I have never seen a mortal so closely tuned to the chimerical world about him...

As far as the reports that he was dauntian - I think them overstated. As far as I could tell he bears no ill will towards our kind. He does not trust us, however, any farther than he could throw Duncairn - though I have been able to find no reason for this distrust. In fact, given that he seemed to almost leak' glamour (forgive the commonness of that statement - I can think of no clearer way to explain it...), I would have thought that he would be more... open to our friendship.

I would recommend keeping a watch on him - but not pressing to closely.