Celidon O'Bran

To Mortal eyes: Celidon O'Bran is a well known local activist. His work for environmental causes, workers rights, and Native American representation has given him a strange sort of fame - for no one, not even those he works on behalf of, seem to like him much. His tendency to get into fist fights with members of the opposite side hasn't won him too many friends either.... But what he does have is an odd sort of respect from a fair number of counter culture figures, and a voice that is heard when he needs it to be.

To Fae Eyes: Celidon is (according to himself if no one else....) the chosen of the Horned One. In this role he leads a local environmentalist motley - known as the Horned One's. This group of vaguely anti-noble commoners does not do much to claim any specific territory as their own, rather they watch over their "protectorate" - which includes the parks and beaches of the city - but also more tenuous things, such as the rights of workers and inner-city folk. A factory that has unsafe working conditions may have the misfortune (from management's view point) of becoming their protectorate if things are pushed to far.

Recently the Horned Ones have grown more and more anti-noble in their agitations, going so far as to make overtures to other motleys to form a mutual protection and trade league that would refuse tithe or tribute to anyone with a title. They also have been becoming more extreme in their dealings with mortals - and the fact that several men accused of dumping chemicals into the bay have been found beaten nearly to death recently has not escaped people's attention.

It is also well known that Celidon is one of the few Ghille Dhu in Seattle, and along with his sister Moon and a childling seen in his glade his household makes up the totality of that kith in the entire Northwestern seaboard. For some this makes his claims have more force, for others it just lends credence to the theory that he is a self-deluded fool. Time will tell - for by their fruits shall you know them.