Elathan of House Gwydion

To Mortal Eyes: Robert Mornim was a local student, volunteer, and theologian. He came to town on a scholarship to the university, and became a part of the community within days. Well known for his constant charity work - including things as mundane as helping out at schools, to the more dangerous work he does with gang out-reach and drug rehab programs, he earned a level of respect from many private and public institutions and individuals that is rare for one so young. When he married Joanna ("Jake") Allen, it was greeted with wonder by most - as no one thought the rather odd and distant bird would ever marry. When the marriage collapsed a short number of months later the young bird seemed to grow claws. He dropped out of the university and disassociated himself with his former charity work - to the surprise and alarm of those around him. Not long after he begin to disappear for long stretches of time, and never gave a word as to why he was gone. Just at the point of his friends freaking out and trying an intervention he came back to himself - starting up his work with his and Joanna's soup kitchen. In fact, rumors say that he and Jake are engaged again

Through the Glass Darkly: Elathan of House Gwydion is one of the more recognizable of the Shining Host - as he is one of the few fae who seems to be much shaped by the Christian dream for he resembles nothing so much as a Seraphim. His huge white wings and blinding blue eyes are well known to many, well loved to some, and feared by no small number. This hard faced Gwydion sidhe is a known blade master, and a member of the most noble of all houses - and has earned the unfortunate nickname, 'The Angel of Death'. He is distant, ethereal, and otherworldly - which makes it difficult for most to get past his hard and standoffish exterior. His relationship with Joanna is a constant grist for the boggan rumor mill - their on again off again relationship passionate and tempestuous - as one would expect between a Gwydion and a Fiona. Even more on people's lips was the near demon that emerged when he left Joanna months ago - and lost his wings. Known for a time as Delberth he was thought by many to actually be a new fae to the city - and one rumored to be Ailil. But now that his wife and his wings are safely back with him the angelic sidhe has settled back into his softer ways - but for those who saw him with the blackness upon his heart questions still remain.

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