Gravity's Children Motley

The Motley is rumored to be up to all sorts of stuff, from kidnapping to terrorism to Ravaging, but most of this is due to reactionary Nobles or the fact that Elsie is in charge. Probably the thing that gets the Motley the most attention is that Elsie's old Mentor was a murderous, terrorist Redcap named 'Heinz' (please +finger Elsie for more information.)

The only things definitely known about the Gravity's Children is that they have close ties with mundane communist and socialist organizations, as well as activist groups of all stripes. They have only arrived in the city about a year ago, and so far there haven't been any overt attacks or moves for which the Motley has taken credit. Since I'm still recruiting, this isn't fleshed out -- different people joining might add different levels of Notoriety to the Motley.