Joanna "Jake" Allen

Joanna Allen (Jake, to her friends) is a recent graduate of Seattle University. She holds a degree in marine biology and works part-time doing research with the Seattle Aquarium. Anyone who has spent any time at all on the city's beaches has most likely seen her, either doing fieldwork or working the past several summers as a lifeguard, or simply relaxing. Interestingly, she has recently been seen as an advocate of the city's poor, as part owner of a soup kitchen in the underground city. Even more interesting (to some) is the fact that the other person responsible for the Underground Soup Kitchen is Robert Mornim, rumored to be Joanna's ex-husband. For some reason, no one is able to confirm it though...

The fae, however (especially the boggans), could tell you all about Baroness Joanna ap Fiona. One of Seattle's Selkies, she is truly a rarity: a Selkie involved in kithain politics. She was, in fact, married and sworn Truehearts to Elathan, a Gwydion sidhe. Countess Stephanie gave them Lightning Night Freehold to hold jointly, as Baron and Baroness. Then to everyone's surprise, Elathan ended the oath shortly after Stephanie announced her betrothal to Sir Laren ap Fiona. That it soon became apparent that Joanna was Count Laren's consort was only more grist for the gossip mill. If one believes the rumors, Baroness Joanna is linked romantically to most of Seattle's barons and would-be barons. Other rumors implicate her as an accomplice in the death of Baron Airon, the previous holder of Lightning Night (now called Cill Dara), or accuse her of harming Airon's former prisoner of war (so to speak).

Those who know her best scoff at those rumors, citing her sweet disposition and her caring nature as evidence to the contrary.

Cill Dara Freehold