Rowan Deschain

Rowan Deschain is a local artist of rising prominence as well as a respected free-lance photojournalist. She’s known for her modernist flair in sculpture and painting, as well as her near-obsessive work habits. Regarded by most as a charming eccentric, her ex-husband still isn’t sure if he misses her or if he’s well rid of her. Whatever the case, Rowan herself is completely content for now, living a happy, extremely carefree life, alone in her lovely home. She keeps mostly to herself, with only a handful of people she considers friends. Her friends tend to be as eccentric as she is.

Most of those friends, as is clear to any fae, are fae themselves, drawn to Rowan’s amazing potential as a Dreamer. Her skills as an artist, combined with her sharp perception and low Banality, have resulted in some rather astonishing portraits of various fae, in their fae seemings. Rowan laughs this off as just "something that came to me as I looked at you."e;