Shylock Comnenus

Shylock Comnenus was born in Istanbul, Turkey to mixed nationality parents. His father, Alexander, was Greek. His mother was Turkish, but he never knew her, as she died in childbirth. His father was a leading professor of Medievalism and Crusades History at Istanbul University. He doted on young Shylock, trying to instill in him a scholarly attitude; However, as Shylock grew up, it became apparent that his father had instilled only the sense of wonder surrounding his course of study, and none of the intellectual yearning for it.

Shylock did grow up, strong and handsome. He was always faster and stronger than the other children, becoming an object of envy and admiration for the other kids in Istanbul. But Shylock was always distant from them, not sharing in some of the poverty so rampant in the Islamic City. Unfortunately, his mind wandered back to distant times and places. He grew up getting bad grades in school and perpetually being labelled as a dreamer. He ended up bungling his way through school, much to his father's chagrin.

While far from stupid, Shylock just couldn't concentrate on his work. At the age of 15, he dropped out of school, and his father promptly disowned him. So Shylock ended up on his own, working odd jobs for little money and even less respect on the dusty streets of an ancient city. Still, his dreams never died. He wrote poetry and songs, and even pulled in a few dollars as an occasional hustler. And this is when he found out about a Medieval Recreation Fair nearby.

Shy joined and loved it there, pursuing it with more gusto than anything else in his life. There, he met a young man named Jacen, a European. Though they were opposites in nearly all respects, they became fast and dear friends. They would talk for hours about nothing and everything, and honed their swordplay with the weapons of the fair and mock duels. One night, though, an event happened which would change both their lives forever.

It happened during one of their mock duels. It was a warm night and they sweated profusely as they stroked and counter stroked during the duel. Then it happened. Shylock's and Jacen's dreams of a bygone era became real, just as they had wished. Their swords were suddenly quite real, at least to their eyes. They looked about in confusion at a world their mortal eyes had been denied, for the tents and people of the fair were all of the Dreaming. Rather than being horrified, they were delighted.

They were taken in by one of the Hold's Knights, a kindly old troll warrior named Achmet. He taught them all he could of swordplay, the history of the Kithain, and the Escheat. And the Hold rejoiced, for both were remembered as great heroes in ages past. And all was happy.

Shylock began to write of the things he saw and the things he did, though never in enough definition to break the Escheat. He sent them to various small time journals, and a small stream of money trickled in, though not much. All was indeed idyllic. Until HER arrival. She came quietly, this Indian girl named Oleander. She joined as a dancer... to Shylock she was the most graceful maiden he had ever lain eyes upon.

They instantly fell in love. However, the Lord of The Hold forbade the marriage of one born to Islam and one of the outsiders. Shylock and Oleander commenced their relationship, and they fled, followed by Jacen, who was a loyal and trusting friend.

They travelled the world over, righting wrongs and rescuing those in need. They slew Dagon, a great redcap Lord in Siberia, who had taken the barren lands as his own Nightmare Realm on Earth. They saved Princess Gwyneth of France from the Beast of the Moors. And Shylock wrote.

Their fame grew, and the tales spread the world over. Of mighty Shylock, finest swordsman in all the world. Of Fair Oleander, wise and wily. And of dark Jacen, forever in shadow. And Shylock sent in his stories, children's tales, through of an oddly realistic bent... and sometimes dark.

Finally, the group came to Seattle. Why not, Shylock thought? He had money, love, and maybe it was time to find a rest on their travels, if only for awhile. Now, the whole city is abuzz with the rumors of the arrival of the three mighty heroes. The Nobles think he can be a man who can bring peace to the city. The Commoners feel that a new salvation is here. and maybe, just maybe, they're both right.