Valerie Knudsen

In the mortal world, Valerie Knudsen is a wanderer of sorts. Sheís hardly lived in one place for more than a year or so and very little of her history is known. Sheís best known to visitors of the National Forest, where she works as a forest ranger. Tall and fair with golden blonde hair, she usually turns the heads of hikers and nature lovers who pass her by in the woods.

To the fae, however, the name Valadrian Silverheart still brings to mind tales of valor and betrayal from the time of the Accordance War. Oathed to and mentored by Laurent the Proud, the two trolls were sworn to fight on the side of their sidhe masters. Side by side they made a nearly unbeatable pair. As the tales run, Laurent was accused of treason against the sidhe. Before his guilt or innocence could be determined, he was assassinated. Valís grief was truly epic. She was released from her oaths and she fled the kingdom, wandering seemingly aimlessly from court to court for the next thirty years. And then she reached Seattle, and it seemed, found another chance. She found a new love, a troll named Phil, and an adoptive father and lord in Baron Airon the Unstoppable. But the curse from her past seems to have followed her: through a tragic turn of events and a horrible misunderstanding, Phil killed Airon with cold iron. Unsure now, which side to choose, she looks for a cause to serve once again, hoping to redeem herself from the guilt she feels over Aironís death.